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COMING - March 1, 2015
Tressie Lockwood

Damen’s wife left him to raise his daughter alone. She said he was boring, and she wanted something more. Since then, he’s lived a carefree life without the ties of a relationship to hold him down. The only female that matters to him now is his little girl, and he’ll give her whatever she wants.

On impulse, Damen and his brother opened a restaurant called Marquette’s in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and they’re having amazing success. Everything feels right. There’s absolutely nothing more Damen could ask for, despite the nagging of his older brother, who says he’s not being true to himself. Then two things change Damen’s world—two people rather.

Heaven, an old lover, strolls into Marquette’s and applies for a job, and a mysterious young boy with a love for music stirs Damen’s protective instincts.

Rogue, Inc.: Wolf's Bane

Rogue, Inc.: Wolf's Bane
Crymsyn Hart

Dylan Bane wants a night off so his wolf can howl. During his romp, a mysterious stranger joins him for a night of passion. Their encounter leaves Dylan smitten.

Sophia’s stalker has returned, and she needs Dylan's help. Dylan enlists the assistance of the owner of Rogue Inc. His uncle brings with him Altan King who captures Dylan’s eye. While Dylan defends Sophia, he discovers the man he had his midnight tryst with has been under his nose all along.

With danger abounding and two men vying for his heart, Dylan must protect Sophia and not succumb to his heart’s longings.

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