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Born to Be Wild

COMING - April 3, 2015
Born to Be Wild
M. E. James

What do a woman with a chocolate addiction and a werewolf have in common? Zilch. Zip. Nada. That's why Ophelia avoids Mr. Tall, Dark, and Hairy-—aka Eli-—like the Black Death.

Everything changes when her brother makes trouble again, and she needs Eli to protect her from his enemies. Soon, she realizes her sibling is the least of her worries, and it's not because she can no longer fit into her favorite pair of jeans. No, it's because she's falling in love with Eli, and she has no doubt that he'll never love her back.


COMING - April 24, 2015
Penelope Rivers

After a lifetime as a free wolf, Kane is kidnapped by a boy named Roman. Soon, he learns why. The boy is involved in underground werewolf fighting, and he wants Kane to battle in a tournament.

Despite being collared, Kane still considers himself a free wolf, and he won't call the boy his keeper. Unfortunately, Roman loathes him for it. Yet as time drags on, feelings change and affection grows.

Kane doesn't want to care for a human who holds him captive, and Roman doesn't want to love a man he sees as an animal.

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