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Bear Descent

COMING - May 15, 2015
Bear Descent
Eden Cole

Crowe has been raised in captivity all his life. The day arrives when he is free, and he and the small group of enslaved shifters who stayed by his side venture out to find somewhere they can live in peace. Although Crowe is quiet and turns into himself to ward off the pain he has suffered, he still manages to lead the others. They wind up in Huntingdon Downs and stop a war between two factions of bear shifters bent on vengeance. Crowe has a connection to Noll and to Harrison, and both alphas want answers before they decide to kill him.

One gentle shifter, Talal, finds himself attracted to Crowe. Talal feels Crowe's pain and doesn't believe he is the simple-minded man everyone assumes. He wants to protect Crowe, but Talal isn't anywhere near an alpha's status. His power is nothing compared to the others, but he will risk his life to save the man who has only known cruelty.

If Crowe will allow him, Talal will teach Crowe about love and about having a male partner--two things Crowe has never heard of.

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