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COMING - September 19, 2014
Creed (The Marquette Family Book 1)
Tressie Lockwood

Creed Marquette has always done what it takes to make sure he and his brothers come out on top. He’s seen despair and hunger in his life, but as a newly declared billionaire in Forbes magazine, he still doesn’t feel like this is it. There’s something missing, and the fact is, despite all his hard work, the past keeps rising to influence the present. He can’t deny himself.

To complicate matters, Creed’s brothers, the irresponsible men that they are, have purchased a restaurant in New Orleans, and they want Creed to join them. Leave the corporate world that got them where they are to go work a failing restaurant without experience? But this just might be what Creed’s been looking for.

Now, all he needs to do is hire the chef, a sexy beauty with a smart mouth who almost killed him by serving him peanuts in his food. Well, Shada Howard did save his life while he was completely naked. Maybe New Orleans won’t be so bad after all. Not if he can tame her and make her his!

Never Forget Paris

COMING - October 10, 2014
Never Forget Paris
Billie Arsceneaux

Davida Christian thought she had the perfect opportunity when she was accepted for a job at a school in Paris. Being an English teacher in the most romantic city in the world, enjoying the art and the years of culture, who could pass up an opportunity like that? Until one night she was snatched from the streets on her way home. Davida saw a part of Paris no one ever wanted to see. The catacombs beneath the city streets where skulls lined the walls and you could be lost forever. She barely managed to escape with her life, and with very little memory of who took her. But a man who never wanted to be identified and have his secrets exposed now hunts her.

Detective Jeremy Baer was assigned to protect Davida, a cop fluent in French and trained by Interpol. He was the one who would tap into her lost memories and find her assailant. She never expected to be attracted to the somber man who struck her as the strong silent type. He promised to keep her safe and the person who haunted her dreams at bay. She knew that there were others like her who were trapped and some who didn’t escape. Davida didn’t want to go back there, didn’t want to face the things she forgot. In the catacombs of Paris no one could hear you scream, no one would hear you die.

Twice Mated

COMING - October 17, 2014
Twice Mated
Penelope Rivers

All Graham Smithfield wants is to finish college and take over his family restaurant. That is, until a man named Dane Dunford charges into his life and makes his body burn with desire. And Dane isn't alone. He's accompanied by a second man, Silas, who is all muscle and bad boy charm. Unfortunately, Silas can't stand Graham, and all because he's head-over-heels for Dane. And just when Graham thinks things can't get any more complicated, Silas reveals the truth in a bought of jealous rage.

Dane and Silas are werewolves. Unfortunately, while Graham was Dane's first love, Silas is Dane's true mate. Because of that, the three of them are caught in a tangled web of lost love, lust, and secret desires. And to make matters worse, a bond begins to form between him and Silas as well. Soon all they want is each other, and Dane must make a choice between his first love and the mate he was destined for…unless he decides to have them both.

Lycan Loathing

COMING - November 7, 2014
Lycan Loathing
S. K. Yule

When ancient lycan, Sawyer, retires, he searches for a life of peace. Unfortunately, a hitman sent by a high-profile terrorist has other plans for him.

After Dorri moves far away from her abusive ex, she begins to settle into her new life. However, a fire and threatening note soon turns harmony to discord.

Sawyer is instantly drawn to Dorri, and she accepts his offer of protection. While she is attracted to him, her hesitancy about his predatory nature burns strong.

Can Dorri accept Sawyer's love and his wolf? Or will past haunts and present threats keep them apart forever?

Bear Memory

Bear Memory
Eden Cole

In a bloody war, Harrison lost his mate, and it nearly destroyed his mind. He abandoned his people to their fate. Not only did he suppress the bear shifter in him, which shouldn’t be possible, he also lives as a straight human and forgot who he is.

Orion—big, dark, and mean—has suffered at the hand of the enemy while longing for the day he will find his alpha. He was low in the hierarchy of his sleuth and beaten lower. Used and abused, he never thought about loving anyone. He just believed if he found the alpha, he could force him to return.

Harrison doesn’t want to remember. Orion can’t forget. On one hand Orion blames his alpha. On the other, he’s falling in love. He has two secrets—one his nature, the other his rage. Will he be able to save himself and his alpha for the survival of his people?

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